Invite friends to win part of the 40,000 USDT pool and one out of ten iPhone 13

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Invite friends to win part of the 40,000 USDT pool and one out of ten iPhone 13

As a sign of gratitude for the constant support of our users, the Ascendex will launch an exclusive referral event, providing both referrals and referees with the ability to divide awards in the amount of 50,000 USDT, which consist of DOGE tokens in the amount of 40,000 USDT and 10 iPhone 13 smartphones The US was called .

The period of the event: 12 a.m. UTC, January 27 – 12 a.m. UTC, February 10, 2022

The first event: Invite your friends to register for Ascendex to divide the DOGE prize fund in the amount of 30,000usdt.

Users who will invite their friends to register on Ascendex and will meet certain criteria, will receive the right to win a remuneration of up to 500 USDT in DOGE. More referrals, more rewards.

The second event: DOGE awards in the amount of 10,000 USDT, available exclusively for new users

New users who support the daily trading volume of at least 100 USDT for 3 days or more will have the right to receive remuneration depending on the number of their trade days. The more trading days, the more reward will be.

Recently registered users can also receive a reward of up to $ 640. >> Read more: https: // ascendex.COM/EN/REWARDS/TASK-REWARDS

Third event: Join the lottery to win the iPhone 13 Pro (10 devices worth 10,000 USDT are available)

Participants in the first two events can also join the lottery in which 10 lucky ones will be selected, which will receive by iPhone 13 Pro each.