Organize your sporting events!

In the simplest way possible!

How to unlock the DEMO version

The main features

All sporting events in ONE place WITHOUT ADS or BANNER

Sync ALL your devices

Log in with your Google account and you will have the same channel preferences on all logged in devices!

GLOBAL search

You can automatically search ALL your channels for the event of your interest

Memorize your sports preferences

What is

SPORTISE is a sports events organizer, built to help you gather information and videos of your favorite sports in one place. L’interfaccia è studiata per accedere rapidamente alla tua squadra del cuore e a tutti gli eventi a cui sei interessato


SPORTISE does not contain any videos or direct links to videos!

This implies that you will have to enter the sports content in the appropriate CHANNELS section. Our app will try to connect with the links you entered trying to extract as much information as possible. Durante questa fase non ci saranno annunci pubblicitari o banner, il tutto sarà svolto in maniera silenziosa ed automatica.
The BASIC version is fully functional with a 20 MINUTES VIEWING limit!
To unlock it, you need to activate the PRO version

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