The first thing to do is login with a google account: in this way, all the information will be available for all your devices by simply logging in with the same account. Otherwise, every time you use the app you will have to enter the channels and the viewing time will always be 20 minutes per day.

The time has finally come to add channels, i.e. sites that contain sporting events. You have to enter one address at a time, but it is absolutely recommended to use a CHANNEL LIST which will update automatically:

Usually these lists are saved on servers like this…..


If the entered list contains channels that Sportise can interpret, you will be shown the number of added channels.


Now you can start viewing your sporting events!


After selecting a channel, the event list organized by time will appear. SPORTISE will try to CATALOG each event by inserting an icon depicting the relative sport. Football, basketball, tennis etc.

On the top bar there are FILTERS to speed up the search: in fact, it can happen that in one day there are HUNDREDS of sporting events.

So if I want to view only those related to FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL  I select the appropriate button.
In this case, a further selection is possible to filter the championships of the various nations: by clicking on the various sports, only the relative results will be shown.


As already mentioned several times SPORTISE tries to TO INTERPRET the information of the various channels, which are not always entered correctly.
In case of doubt or to get straight to the desired event, use the SEARCH LENS at the top right which will perform a GLOBAL search, i.e. on ALL inserted CHANNELS:

as you add letters, only the events containing the entered characters will be displayed!


Remember to DELETE the characters from the magnifying glass and select ALL to return to the list without any filter.


As repeated several times, SPORTISE does not provide content NOR SEARCH FOR THEM on the Internet!
Navigate automatically between the channels (sites) you entered to offer you greater ease of viewing sporting events.
If you enter a channel that SPORTISE cannot interpret, you can report the channel in question to our developers via email (see contact section).

We will try to analyze all the suggestions and with subsequent updates SPORTISE will always be more "intelligent".

Sappi che NON SARA’ necessario aggiornare l’app per interpretare correttamente i nuovi siti !


When SPORTISE shows the event list of the selected channel, once the desired event has been clicked SPORTISE can display a further choice: this indicates that there are MORE video streams

If it is present ONLY ONE VIDEO STREAM this will start immediately after your selection!


It may happen that SPORTISE is unable to connect to the video, this one NEVER DEPEND ON THE APP but from the link itself !


SPORTISE behaves like a normal MULTIMEDIA PLAYER in this case: if the link is bad, the server is down, the quality is poor, everything IT DEPENDS ON THE CHANNEL that you entered.

Precisely for this reason with the search lens if you have entered many channels you will find many results for the same event.


If you try to play an event in a timetable totally different than expected, you will happen to see the video but obviously since most of the video streams come from television channels YOU WILL SEE WHAT IN THAT INSTANT is broadcast in BASED ON THE PROGRAMMING OF YOUR CHANNEL! 


If while viewing the event the video freezes, stops, the quality is lowered, the above applies!
IT DOES NOT DEPEND on SPORTISE or from your device, 99% of the time it depends on the channel that is broadcasting the video!


After installing the app, YOU WILL NOT HAVE no event available!

Yes, you read correctly!

It's absolutely normal: when you open your favorite browser Chrome, Opera, Firefox, you don't have any content at that moment!


The first operation is to use the app with yours google account: in this way all preferences and channels will be associated with your account and you will be able to
use all your devices with the same settings and avoid entering your data each time.


All contents of SPORTISE come from the list of CHANNELS that you entered:
go to the top left menu and choose CHANNELS : here you can ADD or REMOVE a channel.

ADD CHANNEL : enter the address of the channel you want to use (the so-called URL or address of the SITE of your interest) for example which DOES NOT EXIST is just an example! You can add as many as you like, one for each row.
You can also insert an external list of channels that is easier to manage (like…)


SPORTISE will take care of keeping the list up to date and will add the newly inserted channels.


By clicking on one of these, SPORTISE will try to interpret the site's data and show you the results on the main page
The events will, if possible, be ordered according to the time

You can REMOVE a channel by simply choosing it from the list.


This version is practically identical to the others except for the google account login system: you will see a screen with a QR code and an address

You can scan the qr code with the camera of your smartphone or you can open that address in any browser. You will need to enter the code shown in the appropriate box:

If the code is correct you will have linked that device to your google account.


Also for this version the login system is the same as the WINDOWS version explained above.

To install on Firestick follow one of these methods :


the first is the simplest and most immediate. Use the APP2FIRE app from your mobile phone




. First you need to search for your firestick, once connected search the local SPORTISE apps tap it and it will be sent to the firestick.


Read this complete guide:


APP2FIRE guide

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