Once the installation is complete it’s time to upload your content! Below you will find listed all the possible ways of using Sportize


The dashboard is your main page. Here you will find information about what you are watching, how many movies and TV series you have watched using Sportize, how many hours you have spent in front of the screen. You’ll also find recommendations on new content you might like based on what you’ve already watched. From the dashboard you can access the first mode of use of Sportize, that is the “play from URL” This is the most elementary and basic way to use Sportize. It can be reached by enabling it from the Sportize settings and entering the link to the video sharing site on which the video you want to watch is uploaded in the text field that will appear on the dashboard. You can choose whether to play it, download it, or open it with an external app (for example to transmit it to chrome cast) Sportize is able to understand and reproduce links from major hosts.


Explore Mode

In this section you can discover and find new movies or series to see outside or inside Sportize. In fact, even if the section is just born and will be perfected over time, we would like it to become a tool for receiving advice when you are looking for something to see. Thanks to the data provided by TMDb you can search among many movies and TV series. You will find a division by genres, a search by actor or director and by year. You can see the reviews and ratings left by other Sportize users and interesting articles about the content you are viewing. Once you have found what you are interested in, you can (if you have channels in your list) search for video streams directly on all channels (local and not), or simply mark it as “seen”, to keep track of what you see, or save it in the favorites and keep it as a reminder to retrieve the film on the media you prefer at a later time (DVD, Cinema, Television …)


Channels are the source that Sportize draws on to get the content for you to view. Initially the channel list is empty so you will not have any videos until you add some channels. A channel can be local, that is a folder inside the internal or external memory of your device where you have your collection of movies or TV series, or remote, that is any website containing videos, which Sportize will try to extract and catalog, or your own private server or NAS.


 Local Channels

Local channels are the collection of movies and TV series present locally on your device. Sportize is able to synchronize with your device’s memory, but it needs some tweaking. To insert a local channel it is necessary to select the “Add local folder” option when inserting channels and select a folder inside your device In order to synchronize your contents you need to set the folder from which Sportize will read the video files. Within this folder you will need to create two more folders: one called “movies” and the other called “series”. Inside the “series” folder you will then have to create a new folder for each TV series that you are going to add, calling it with the name of the series, inside which you will then copy the episodes. At this point you can copy your movies into the “movies” folder and the folders containing the episodes of your series into the “series” folder. Since on iOS it is not possible to manage files and folders as in other operating systems, we suggest to prepare the folders from PC or Mac and then transfer them later via iTunes, following  this guide . It is necessary to pay attention to the name of the files and the folder relating to the series: Sportize in fact will try to download information about the film or TV series (such as the plot, the poster, images and other info), starting from the name of the file (in the case of the movie) or from the folder (in the case of the series). A wrong or “not clean” name (therefore with extra characters and information), could lead to the wrong recognition of the file. As for the name of the episode files, the question is much less rigid, as Sportize is able to correctly understand any name that contains  one of these numbers: 1 × 01, s1e1, S1E1. Sportize currently supports videos in .mp4, .flv, .avi and .mkv formats, but the integrated player can only play the .mp4 format. For all other formats you will need to use another player (we recommend MX Player). You will find all the videos that will be outside the “movies” and “series” folders as generic videos in the “Video” tab of the local video library.

Remote channels

In the “My channels” menu, you can connect to any website that contains links to streaming videos (always uploaded to supported hosts) and find content to play quickly and easily. It is also possible to connect to NAS or private servers. (Read here to learn more By clicking on “Add channels”, you can enter one or more website addresses (one per line) in the text area. Once the channels have been entered, they will be added to the “My channels” menu and, by clicking on one of them, Sportize will try to extract videos by connecting to the address you entered and you will be able to view its content within Sportize, greatly simplifying the process of searching and reproducing the content to be viewed. Depending on how Sportize will interpret the site you have entered, you will have two possible ways of viewing the contents.


Video library mode

This mode allows you to view the channel in an optimized mode, providing many features such as viewing details on the content you are about to view, the ability to resume watching where you left off, the ability to set subtitles and much more. It is recognizable by the “play” icon next to the channel address in the menu. The Sportize algorithm is able to understand and recognize if the channel you are using has a structure that can be viewed in video library mode. Although the Sportize algorithm is constantly being improved, this display mode is not available for all websites. If Sportize fails to open the channel in library mode, you will still be able to open it in browser mode.

Browser Mode

If you enter a website that is not compatible with Video Library mode, you can still add it in Browser mode. This method of use is compatible with any website and allows you to view it within a browser integrated in Sportize. Sportize’s built-in browser (Android version only) includes a pop-up blocker that allows you to avoid intrusive advertisements. It is possible to search for all the videos present on the current page. Just press the “Extract Links” button at the top and Sportize will start analyzing the page, finding all the video links on compatible hosts, allowing you to play or download them the way you like.

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